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SAP C_HCMOD_05 Certification: Study Tips and Strategies

The "HANA Cloud Modeling" certification test assesses foundational knowledge and demonstrated expertise in the field of SAP HANA Cloud Modeling. It confirms that the candidate possesses a comprehensive understanding of this consulting profile and can effectively apply this knowledge in practical project settings under the guidance of an experienced consultant. While not obligatory, this certification serves as the ideal prerequisite for individuals seeking qualification in SAP HANA Cloud Modeling. It is strongly recommended as an entry-level certification, enabling consultants to familiarize themselves with HANA Cloud Modeling projects.

SAP C_HCMOD_05 Certification: Study Tips and Strategies

As an SAP Certified Professional, I'd like to draw upon my insights and experiences to provide you with a concise guide to help you prepare successfully for your SAP HCMOD certification exam. Before you embark on your journey to take the SAP HCMOD certification exam, consider working through the following steps to enhance your preparedness and increase your chances of passing:

Master the complete details of the C_HCMOD_05 exam

Strive to acquire comprehensive knowledge and delve into the intricacies of the SAP HANA Cloud Modeling Certification.

Important Information to Familiarize Yourself with Regarding the C_HCMOD_05 Exam:

  • Exam name (Official): SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA Cloud Modeling

  • Duration of the exam: 180 Mins

  • No. of Questions: 60

  • Passing score: 67%

  • Level: Associate

  • Book Reference: HC300e (SAP Learning Hub only)

  • Sample Questions: Click Here

SAP HANA Cloud Modeling Syllabus Topics and Weight

To gain an understanding of the pertinent syllabus topics for your certification, it is advisable to scrutinize the syllabus itself. Within the certification documentation, you will discover a summary of the correlated subjects. These summaries provide insight into the subjects that carry greater weight in the exam questions, thereby indicating their significance and merit for focused study.

S. No


% of Exam Topics


Build calculation views

> 12%


Configuring modeling functions

> 12%


Manage and administer models

> 12%


Optimize performance of models

> 12%


Secure data models

8% - 12%


SQLScript in models

8% - 12%

Practice with Sample Questions

Within the Certification Specifics section of each exam, SAP Education furnishes a compilation of sample questions designed to aid in your preparation. These questions have been extracted from previous exams and offer valuable insights into the topics and question types likely to appear in the current exam. Furthermore, the website offers an extensive collection of high-quality sample questions, complete with answers and explanations, tailored for diverse SAP certifications. provides a range of preparation materials, including both complimentary and premium options, to support your certification readiness.

Essential things need to consider for preparing SAP HANA Cloud Modeling exam

  • Evaluate each topic by comparing and contrasting it with other subjects and considering its practical applications in real-time scenarios.

  • The exam questions aim to assess your substantial knowledge of SAP HANA Cloud Modeling.

  • Instead of rote memorization, focus on comprehending the underlying concepts because SAP's certification tests your grasp of concepts rather than your ability to recall facts.

  • To enhance your understanding of the topics, engage in hands-on exercises using the system.

  • Thoroughly review the syllabus for the C_HCMOD_05 exam and create a study plan based on the time remaining until your exam date.

  • Consider subscribing to premium practice tests designed for HANA Cloud Modeling. These tests closely resemble the actual exam and provide an exam-like environment.

  • Repeatedly taking HANA Cloud Modeling practice tests can lead to improved scores with each attempt.

  • Each attempt at the C_HCMOD_05 practice test is an opportunity for learning. Strive to achieve better scores each time, ultimately bringing you closer to your target in HANA Cloud Modeling.

  • Our practice tests serve as an online C_HCMOD_05 simulator, offering a superior alternative to relying on C_HCMOD_05 dumps found in online VCE software.

The day before you go for examination:

  • Ensure you know the location of your examination center to avoid last-minute stress on the morning of the exam.

  • Get a good night's sleep by going to bed a bit earlier than usual.

  • Avoid cramming and excessive studying throughout the night, as it may not be productive and could lead to fatigue during the exam.

  • Prior to the exam, familiarize yourself with the exam format and pattern. Note that in the previous format, partial credit was awarded for partially correct answers, whereas in the new pattern, SAP only grants marks if all your answers or sub-answers within a question are correct. Making even one sub-question incorrect will result in no marks for the entire question.

Things to remember at the time of exam:

  • Take a moment to relax before tackling the questions, and don't rush your answers.

  • Make sure you've completed all the necessary formalities, such as filling out the form with your name, contact details, and address.

  • Carefully read all the provided information before starting the actual test.

  • Begin by attempting the easier questions first; this will boost your confidence and put you in a better mindset.

  • Dedicate at least the last ten minutes for a final review of all the questions. During this time, focus on quickly scanning the questions to ensure you've answered them all.

  • If you need more time to analyze a question, mark it for later review.

  • Employ the elimination technique. Start by identifying incorrect options and then determine the correct answer.

  • Regardless of whether you pass or fail, don't overly stress about it. Stay calm and relaxed as you leave the examination hall.

After completing the SAP HANA Cloud Modeling Exam:

  • After successfully completing the exam, refrain from sharing exam questions or materials with others.

  • Contact your country's SAP education department via email, requesting access to the SAP marketplace password and the Associate Logo.

  • Update your profile with the obtained Logo and share it with your manager or update it on your company's portal.

  • Anticipate receiving your official certificate from SAP within one month.

  • Apply the knowledge gained from your certification in your daily consulting work to enhance your skills and contribute effectively to your projects.

For more details on Certification:

Kindly refer to the following blogs for additional information on certification.

I trust that I have encompassed the most crucial aspects that will prove beneficial to SAP Certification hopefuls. These straightforward steps for preparing for the SAP C_HCMOD_05 examination can assist you in preparing effectively for HANA Cloud Modeling exams. Best of luck in acing your exam!


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